Sri Lankan food brand Elakkia is celebrating traditional Sri Lankan home and street food with the launch of five healthy snack options: Chickpeas; Crunchy Mix; Jaffna Mix; Murukka; and Pakoda.

“Traditional family life in Sri Lanka is all about community and enjoying time together,” co-owner Arudselvi Sivapalan (Selvi to her friends), explained. “Our handcrafted healthy snacks have been created to celebrate ‘time out together’ – that’s when we are at our happiest, surrounded by friends and family.”

Following the success of the brand in the Sri Lankan community, Elakkia is now giving the wider UK population a taste of Sri Lanka with the release of its five most popular products.

Makanish Varatharajah, marketing manager continued: “Our bold offering brings something completely new to the category, introducing consumers to authentic Sri Lankan ingredients. Each snack is vegan friendly, free from any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and handmade to authentic Sri Lankan recipes.”

The snack’s authentic ingredients include; Chickpeas – oven roasted Sri Lankan chickpeas roasted in turmeric and sea salt; Crunchy mix of Sri Lankan favourites – mild spices and Himalayan Pink Salt; Jaffna Mix of Sri Lankan bites with sea salt and garlic undertones; Crunchy Sri Lankan bites of Murukku made with coconut and fiery Tellicherry pepper; Crunchy Sri Lankan bites of Pakoda made with onion, fennel and Sri Lankan spices.

Makanish concluded: “Our new packs, available in 60g and 120g, have been designed to give great stand out on shelf and reflect modern Sri Lanka, with a mix of paper-based packaging and vibrant celebratory colours. In fact, the front of every pack includes a traditional Sri Lankan celebratory message written in Tamil script, which translates as “happiness and joy” in English”.

Elakkia’s Sri Lankan street bites are available now, rrp (60g) £1.59, (120g) £2.49.