Coca-Cola European Partners has announced the launch of premium iced tea brand Fuzetea in the UK. The company describes it as a "unique fusion of fruit flavours, botanicals, tea extracts and other ingredients which deliver a fresh, contemporary tea taste". Fuzetea initially launched in 2012 in 14 countries and achieved billion-dollar status in less than three years.

It is available here in two blends: Black Tea Peach with a Touch of Hibiscus and Green Tea Mango with a Hint of Chamomile. The teas are low in calories, containing between 14 and 19 calories per 100ml depending on the flavour. They are sweetened with stevia and at approximately 4g of sugar per 100ml will be Soft Drinks Tax exempt.

The two variants will be available in 400ml PET bottles from the middle of this month, with four x 400ml PET bottle multipacks following in March.

The launch is supported by a £4m marketing campaign plus in-store sampling targeting millennials, who are the largest iced tea consumer group. The campaign: ’Serve yourself a little me time’, encourages consumers to take a moment to unwind and refresh with a Fuzetea.

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