FT Ginsters Vegan Mexican Chilli Empanada

Ginsters has supplemented its savoury snacks and meat-free offer by launching a vegan empanada containing Pulled Oats, a plant-based ingredient brand-new to UK savoury pastry aisles.

The new Ginsters Vegan Mexican Chilli Empanada combines marinated Pulled Oats with piquanté pepper and ancho chillies in a smoky Mexican style sauce. The filling is then wrapped in light pastry and finished with a smoked paprika topping.

A meat alternative, Pulled Oats is made from a high protein mix of oats, pea and faba bean by Helsinki-based Gold & Green Foods.

Kieran Hemsworth, Ginsters’ managing director, commented: “This exciting range extension will continue to broaden appeal within the pre-family market, demonstrating that savoury pastry is a category of innovation which we continue to lead.

“The debut of Pulled Oats into UK savoury pastry, alongside contemporary flavours in this range, will expand our core snacking and vegan offering – two increasingly popular trends that will continue to boom.