Ringos Puffs pack shot

Golden Wonder is pledging that it will only launch healthier products taking account of the new HFSS (high fat salt sugar) regulations if they still deliver on its “more punch per crunch” catchline.

Matt Smith, marketing director for Tayto Group, explained: “Through recipe innovation we have overcome this challenge and created Ringos Puffs, a non-HFSS product that doesn’t compromise on taste and that enables retailers to stock Puffs anywhere in-store, given the location restrictions will go ahead as planned this October.

“Ringos Puffs was all about creating a non-HFSS product that didn’t compromise on taste. We’re not marketing it as ‘healthier’ as consumers are more interested in taste than health, and HFSS is a trade not consumer issue. Early sales are saying that we got this right with people picking up another great-tasting Golden Wonder snack – not because they believe it is healthy.”

Ringos Puffs is available in BBQ and Sweet Chilli flavours in three formats: 20g, RRP 49p; £1 PMP 60g; and 6 x 16g pack, RRP £1.50.

Smith added: “As with the rest of the Ringos range, Ringos of Fire and Ringos Puffs have less than 100 calories per serving which makes them perfect for those looking for a little treat. And by delivering Golden Wonder’s legendary ‘more punch per crunch’ they will not disappoint.”