Heinz Beanz are now available in four chilled savoury pastry slices: Heinz Beanz slice; Beanz with Cheddar cheese; Beanz with spicy meatballs; and Beanz with smoky sausage. All are wrapped in light puff pastry.

Also available is a range of sauce-topped sausage rolls, topped with a layer of Heinz tomato ketchup, HP brown sauce and Heinz ploughman’s pickle.

Recommended retail prices are £1.50 for the 160g slices; £1 for a 130g sausage roll; and £1.50 for a six x 40g multipack of sausage rolls.

020 8573 7757


shop talk

Tracy west
There were loads of new products on display at both The Forecourt Show and the National Convenience Show and it always provides a good opportunity to ’get up close and personal’ and either try them out or quiz the companies responsible for them.
I really liked Addgards Hand & Handle wet wipe station, especially as I’ve just changed to a diesel car. Perhaps someone could explain to me why, when you fill up your petrol-driven car, you don’t spill any fuel and make a mess but, with diesel, there are always dribbles across the paintwork. Whatever the reason, I give Addgards a big thumbs-up for its wet wipe solution and hope to see it at a forecourt near me soon. By the way, it’s also great for cleaning shopping trolley handles.
Air fresheners are big business for home and car and there were plenty on offer. A full range of Areon fresheners were on display thanks to Platon Ltd but one of the most interesting was the car perfume offered in a "refined selection of fragrances".
Everywhere you turned at the shows, there were e-cigarettes and the most stylish (in my humble opinion) were Neos.
Other products to look out for include Kinnerton Confectionery’s ice cream sweets. Now we all remember when the likes of Mars bars became ice cream, well now Magnum, Cornetto and Mini Milks are all available as chocolates genius or what?
And Popcorn Kitchen was showing off "the best popcorn you’ll ever taste". I didn’t actually try it but it smelt good. It’s made using traditional handmade methods and comes in flavours including sweet chilli.
Meanwhile The In Thing, a company that specialises in pocket-money priced items, had some innovative products on show including Magic Choc. This is a chocolate model-making kit, which retails at £4.99.
The company was also showing off Predasaurs, described as "the dinosaur collectable" for 2013. The characters are based on two types of dinosaur DNA to create a mutant Predasaur doesn’t do much for me, but kids will love them. Each Predasaur has glow-in-the-dark teeth and a metallic weapon and comes with a matching trading card. The range is backed by a TV campaign on kids’ TV as well as sampling on boys’ comics. Well worth keeping an eye out for!