A new ginger variant has been added to the Pepsi Max range, which it says is the first cola and ginger combination to hit the UK market.

The Pepsi Max Ginger line-up is packaged in a black and golden bronze design, and comprises 330ml cans, 500ml, 600ml, 1.5L, 2L, 6x330ml cans and 8x330ml.

The launch of Pepsi Max Ginger will be supported by a high-investment marketing campaign, focusing on the brand’s New Taste strapline. Throughout June and July, Pepsi Max Ginger will be part of a Pepsi Max Taste Campaign featured on TV, Outdoor and Digital, and there will be a nationwide sampling campaign.

Kevin McNair, marketing director at Britvic GB, which distributes PepsiCo-owned Pepsi in the UK, said: “Of the 16 million people buying cola in the UK, 16% of them also buy ginger-flavoured drinks, so the opportunity Pepsi Max Ginger provides for our trade customers in the UK is huge.

“Great taste is integral to the brand so it was vital to get the flavour right with this innovative new product and we’re delighted with the end result. Not only does it taste great on its own and in mixed drinks, it also contains no sugar just like the other drinks in the Pepsi Max range, giving added appeal to consumers looking for great tasting refreshment without a high sugar or calorie content.

“We’re confident Pepsi Max Ginger is going to bring some real excitement to the cola category and we’re looking forward to seeing how Pepsi Max Ginger helps our customers in the Grocery channel to boost their sales in the coming months.”