New research from JTI’s strategic insights team reveals that cigar sales increase by as much as 5.7% over the summer period, potentially creating an additional £4.6m profit opportunity for retailers. With the sales peak reaching its highest in August, JTI advises retailers should make sure their cigar range is ready.

Approximately one third of the overall UK cigar market, worth an estimated £234m, is sold through the independent channel, so JTI says retailers should be stocking up now on popular brands and formats to make the most of these extra seasonal sales.

It adds that Hamlet, offering up to 21% POR and with almost 20% share of the miniatures sector, is a key brand for retailers to unlock this profit, and is a must stock for any retailer.

It says retailers should be stocking the most popular cigar brands and formats, ensuring availability at all times, and if in any doubt they can speak to their JTI rep or visit our website,

0800 163503