Kinder is teaming up with Warner Bros Consumer Products with its latest range of Kinder Surprise heroic-coloured eggs containing DC Superhero Girls and Justice League toys.

The eggs will be available until the end of April and support the popularity of DC Super Hero Girls and the DC characters in Justice League.

Levi Boorer, customer development director at Ferrero UK, commented: “The latest wave of Kinder Surprise DC Super Hero eggs will be supported with a £1.7m campaign spanning multiple channels.

“Since 1974, in the UK, Kinder Surprise remains a firm favourite among parents as a treat for their children. The delicious chocolate egg comes in a small portion size and the exciting range of toys help spark imaginations through play and enjoyment that can be experienced as a whole family.

“Kinder Surprise has been the number one kid’s confectionery line in the UK since 2012 with over 135 million eggs sold every year. With our brand equity in strong growth, we’re confident that these new limited editions will be a popular choice with families, continuing to make this a worthy proposition for retailers.

The new Kinder Surprise DC Super Hero eggs will carry an RRP of £0.92p (20g). A range of POS materials suitable for all store sizes, is available from