Mars Chocolate UK has announced a new lifestyle activation set to hit shops in the New Year incorporating the company’s latest product innovations.

‘New Year, New Choices’ will offer consumers the latest in a wave of new lifestyle products like goodnessknows, Mars Chocolate UK’s first new brand in 20 years which launched this summer, and the Mars and Snickers protein bars.

Coming in four snackable squares crammed with fruit, whole nuts and dipped in dark chocolate, goodnessknows is described as a tasty, high-quality and shareable treat that can be eaten all at once, or broken up through the day.

The goodnessknows brand is backed by a media investment of over £4.6 million and will be on air for more than 26 weeks in its first year.

Mars says protein bars are another type of lifestyle product that is becoming increasingly popular as people’s lives become busier, and is already worth £34m in the UK and growing. 

Like goodnessknows, Mars Chocolate UK is supporting Mars and Snickers with significant media investment next year. Snickerswill be on TV for 16 weeks and both brands will be supported all year around on digital media.

Mars has also signed an exclusive partnership with GiveMeSport to promote the Mars and Snickers protein bars which will be featured on the website. This partnership will include the creation of exclusive video content designed to help users improve their workout exercise and have an active lifestyle.

Lauren George, brand and trade PR manager – Mars Chocolate UK & Wrigley UK, said: “Consumers are increasingly snacking on the go and the category is now worth £5bn and is the third-biggest shopping mission in store.

“’New Year, New Choices’ taps into this opportunity, providing retailers with the means to ensure lifestyle products are merchandised effectively in-store at all touchpoints throughout consumers’ shopping journey, as well as across TV, digital and OOH advertising.”