Mentos is launching a new look for three months as a limited edition product.

Each sweet will be printed with a quirky icon and message such as ‘High Five’ or ‘Selfie’, inspiring endless fun.

The brand has introduced 34 sharable challenges ranging from the moonwalk or telling a joke, to a game of rock, paper, scissors. Each pack contains 14 sweets, encouraging shoppers to make repeat purchases.

Fern O’Guynn, brand manager at Mentos, said: “We are a bit guilty of keeping our heads down and avoiding eye contact if we don’t want to talk to someone. We’re trying to bring back appreciation for simple interactions, such as bonding over a sweet.

“The new challenges are designed to get people to step away from their phones, encourage interaction and enjoy a shared moment with others. We’ll be maximising the launch with a supporting £3.5m advertising campaign, including a TV advert, guaranteed to drive shoppers in-store.”

Trade marketing manager Mark Roberts added: “The singles market is currently in decline, and we recognise that in order to revive it, we need to bring innovation to the category. Mentos has seen 12 years consistent year-on-year growth, and is a top 10 confectionery brand in the UK, so we’re in a fantastic position to ignite change.

“Mentos Say Hello is set to be a huge talking point, not only will they inspire shoppers to interact over their challenges, they’re ideal for creating theatre in-store and even give retailers an extra reason to start talking to their customers.”

The limited edition Say Hello will be featured on the best-selling Mentos mint and fruit single rolls and multipacks. from the end of September, for three months.