The mint and gum brand Mentos has four new launches lined up for this summer.

Mentos is updating its White gum range with a new flip-top format, as well as introducing a fruity Bubble Fresh flavour in a bottle.

Available in three sugar-free flavours - peppermint, spearmint and bubble fresh - Mentos Fliptop Gum comes in brightly coloured packs to provide stand-out on the shelf.

The brand is also adding a new fruity mint flavour to its popular bottle format. Designed specifically to appeal to a younger audience, Bubble Fresh is a sugar-free gum in a pink and white bottle.

Claire Powley, marketing manager for Perfetti Van Melle, said: “The gum category is currently worth £289m, but is declining 5% year-on-year. As an industry, we have a responsibility to ensure we’re constantly rejuvenating the market, and addressing both areas of growth and decline.

“Sales can be revived, and our new collection of innovative formats and flavours will put the spotlight back on gum, proving it’s a category we can have a lot of fun with and continue to grow.”