The latest addition to the successful Monster energy range is the Lewis Hamilton signature drink. The three-time Formula One World Champion’s drink is called ‘44’, named after the race number with which he began his racing career, has won multiple championships with, and which he currently races in Formula One.

Created to power Hamilton through his punishing daily schedule, as well as fuel his lust for living in the fast-lane, ‘44’ blends a light, crisp and refreshing taste with a tank-load of the legendary Monster Energy blend.

Packaged in a custom designed can – which incorporates elements from Lewis’ race helmet as well as his three championship stars – ‘44’ has been a joint collaboration at every stage.

Hamilton explained: “We talked through the flavours I was into and Monster interpreted this perfectly first shot. This was the first blend I tasted. I loved it immediately.”

Talking about the design, he added: “Candy red is a colour that is present in every aspect of my life. It’s a great bold colour and the design is inspired by the stripes on my race helmet. I have been connected with Monster for five years now and I’ve always wanted my own drink. So for me it is a dream come true. I’m really excited to have worked through every detail of the product from scratch, and finally see ’44’ hit the shelves.”

Vice president of Monster Brands Europe, Jimmy Goodrich added: “Lewis’ talent as an athlete, racing driver and social influencer is undeniable. The energy and passion he has for everything he does is emblematic of the passion we have for innovation. We are very excited to further our global partnership with him with the release of ‘44’. Working with Lewis to develop this new product has been an incredibly positive experience. I’m certain we have a drink that will see as much success across our European markets as Lewis achieves on and off the track."