Naturya has teamed up with two Michelin Star trained chefs, David Jones and Jonny Bingham, to create a range of organic, nutrient-rich, nutritionally balanced snack bars, which have just been launched into the forecourt sector.

Many bars with “no added sugar” use dates, but Naturya has instead used unrefined maple syrup, cacao butter and agave inulin to bind and sweeten the intense flavours and nutritional properties of their superfood ingredients.

The SuperBars’ range consists of three flavours – Berry, Seed and Cacao, all of which are contain at least seven superfoods including acai, maca, lucuma, goji berries, chia seeds, mulberries, goldenberries, hemp seeds and cacao.

David Jones, explained: “Working with Naturya has been an exciting journey and real eye opener for us. Their expertise and quality of ingredients is outstanding and add improved flavour, texture and a unique colour dimension to food. We explored the ingredients in a creative way, utilising their natural, functional properties to create amazing flavour profiles as well as improved texture. What is truly fascinating for us is the potency of these superfood ingredients.”

Ali Wilde, Naturya marketing director said “It’s all too easy to launch an ‘all natural, no added sugar’ snack these days, just use dates, but they come at a price – a sugar loading price.

“Our new SuperBars will sustain you with nutrient-rich energy, not empty sugar calories, and in launching these, we want to raise the category standard for healthy snacking. Our organic superfoods come with the added benefit of being ethically and sustainably sourced through direct relationships with our suppliers, many of which come from developing countries.

“We are on a mission to do it for real, to make the kinds of food we should be eating; foods that taste great and make you feel great. These bars are the first in our new product pipeline of ‘ready to eat’ healthy foods, so it felt appropriate, as the UK’s leading superfood brand, to start with creating the tastiest, healthiest bars on the market.”