Nestlé Waters UK is updating its range of emoji bottles from its Nestlé Pure Life portfolio, which is designed to inspire children to drink more water.

The four new designs – the sunglasses emoji, a space monkey, a unicorn and Dalmatian – have been introduced and will replace the existing choices.

The emoji range is available across the brand’s 33cl bottles, with Nestlé Waters keen for children to see their bottle as a fun ‘Water Buddy’ to motivate them to stay hydrated.

Marie-Laure Danican, local brands lead at Nestlé Waters, said: “We introduced the emoji bottles to the Nestlé Pure Life range earlier this year to encourage children aged six and up to drink more water. We are looking to continue the momentum of the range with a new selection of emoji characters, giving children new, exciting options when selecting their favourite Water Buddy.

“Bottled water remains the fastest growing segment within the £7.3bn soft drinks category and, with the segment experiencing a significant peak during warmer weather, we’re confident that our refreshed range of emoji characters will help retailers to drive sales in-store and appeal to new shoppers.”

The four new Water Buddies are in store now, and a range of POS has also been developed for retailers to help increase visibility and sales in store.