Rolo cookie

Rich’s, the premium sweet baked goods brand, has joined forces with chocolate giant Nestlé Professional to launch three ’coffee-shop quality’ new cookie flavours for the convenience channel.

The ‘Baked by Rich’s, Made with…’ range includes Matchmakers Zingy Orange, Aero Peppermint and Little Rolo.

Available as a thaw and serve format, the cookies are designed for retailers who want to offer a fresh bakery option but don’t have the space for an in-store bakery. Bake-off frozen pucks are available for larger stores and for grocery multiples.

The three household-favourite flavours, backed by Rich Products’ bakery expertise, are available from August and sold in eye-catching bright packaging. With four cookies per bag, they are designed for sharing at home or on the go.


The company says premium cookies sales were up 20% in 2021 and ‘filled cookies’ have also helped to grow the category by adding value and encouraging trade up. The range allows retailers to offer an in-demand coffee and bakery combination, with recent Rich’s trials showing a x2.5 increased rate of sale when cookies are placed near an in-store express coffee machine.

John Want, sales, marketing and R&D director at Rich’s, says: “Our Baked brand is worth over £2.5m since launching in 2020 and this big-name mash-up is the natural evolution of the portfolio. With value on the mind of many in the months ahead, consumers are looking to trusted and well-known goods to guarantee quality. Nestlé Professional’s portfolio includes some of the most recognised confectionary brands in the world and our development team has loved using these unique and delicious ingredients to create mouth-watering new cookies for independent retail.

“With more of us out and about for work and pleasure in 2022, there’s a real opportunity to make the most out of the recovering food-to-go sector and offer premium, fresh cookies to shoppers. There is also still a sizable working from home contingent, which provides convenience stores in residential areas with more top-up and treat occasions throughout the day.

“Retailers understand that people want visually enticing products, and the Aero Peppermint product in particular pops with its unmissable bright green chocolate. The cookies will also help maximise online delivery, offering the ideal meal deal partner to go alongside a coffee order.”

RRP: From £2.29 for 1 bag of x4 cookies

Aero cookie