One Water, the ethical water brand which pours its profits into clean water projects in some of the world’s poorest communities, will introduce cartons, canned water and refillable bottles this year.

One Water hopes that the move will encourage consumers to explore alternatives to single-use plastic bottles.

Duncan Goose, founder of One Water, said: “Our main purpose as a brand is to bring an end to water poverty by investing our profits in clean water projects. In parallel, we want to help consumers make informed decisions about what they buy through offering a range of pack formats and information about the environmental impact of each material. That’s why, starting this spring, we are introducing new formats to the category, to sit alongside our PET and glass ranges.

“We believe that cartons and cans offer some real environmental benefits versus PET. For example, our cartons are primarily made from renewable paperboard which breaks down faster than plastic. Likewise, our cans will be made from over 68% recycled material. We will be actively promoting recycling of all packaging by offering recycling tips and other sustainability advice to our customers. We firmly believe that the combined value of individuals ‘doing their bit’ can have a transformative effect.”

“Not only do our new pack formats deliver great stand out on shelf, they speak to the public desire for alternatives to single-use plastic bottles. Cartons and canned waters do not compromise shelf space and enable retailers to be on the front foot when it comes to this evolving sector.”