Pomegreat pomegranate juice drink, now part of Wonderful Brands, is launching a new recipe with added vitamins and no added sugar to meet this consumer demand for healthier, low sugar options.

The drink will now only contain naturally occurring sugars from the fruit and be sweetened with stevia leaf extract.

The new recipe is also rich in vitamins A, C, D and E to attract consumers looking for a drink with nutritional benefits.

As part of the launch, the brand has also developed a new eye-catching and family-friendly packaging design detailing the benefits of a different vitamin on each carton.

Philip Vandaele, brand manager for Pomegreat, said: “We always want to make our products the best that they can be, and with this in mind we decided to revamp the recipe and packaging for Pomegreat.

“The added vitamins and absence of artificial sweeteners does not compromise the taste in any way, but we hope will increase the appeal of Pomegreat as a drink for the whole family to enjoy and meet the growing demand for healthier soft drinks with its added nutrients and their health benefits.”