Two former oil company executives and co-owners of Fuel Supply Solutions are getting behind a new product aimed at tackling the issue of single use plastic bottles and the effects of environmental pollution highlighted in the ‘Blue Planet’ series on the BBC.

This simple but effective solution will replace liquid vehicle screen wash – traditionally supplied in plastic containers – with small tablets that dissolve in water to provide motorists with an effective and more environmentally friendly product.

Retailers gain the added benefit of reducing their storage and display requirements for bulky plastic containers, often left empty on the forecourt after use.

Fuel Supply Solutions co-owner Keith Guppy explained: We have around 38 million vehicles using over 100 million plastic bottles of screen wash each year. It is delivered on over 625,000 pallets, using over 2 million tonnes of associated cardboard, and over 8 million litres of fuel.

“We are really keen to support this initiative and provide advice on the best route to market – but ultimately it will need the support of the retailers. However, we believe consumers are increasingly in support of plastic reduction initiatives. Each blister pack holds two tablets that will make up to 10 litres of high-quality screen wash that meets all the quality criteria for freezing points and anti-grime/smear properties. They are made from non-hazardous materials.

“Furthermore, they are very competitively priced – still leaving excellent margins for retailers who can display via counter top units (48 x two-tab packs per CTU) or ‘rip strips’ throughout the store. Full POS is provided by FCSL.

Richard Cox of the Top 50 Indies the Kay Group was one of the first to quickly identify the opportunity: “We are acutely aware that consumers are keen to have buying options that benefit the environment, so we are happy to provide our customers with this alternative to traditional bottled pre-mix or concentrate.”

The UK rights to the product belong to FCSL (Filtration Control Solutions Limited) who will deal with any enquiries. Just contact:

01604 70776