Barr Soft Drinks is launching Strathmore Botanics, made with spring water infused with natural botanicals and fruit flavours, with zero calories and no added sugar.

“Water consumption is on the rise, with the category growing by £148m in the last two years, driven by an increase in the number of consumers making choices based on health,” said Adrian Troy, marketing director at AG Barr. “However research shows that taste remains the number one priority for shoppers when choosing a soft drink and, within the water category, flavour choice is limited.

“Strathmore Botanics provides the perfect solution, combining exciting flavour trends with health and hydration.”

Available in three flavours – Orange & Mandarin, Apple & Elderflower, and Pear & Elderberry – and presented in a 500ml PET bottle, the new range is intended to tap into the growing popularity of natural botanical tastes that consumers are increasingly enjoying across other categories.

POS is available to help retailers create maximum standout at the point of purchase and draw attention to the water fixture with new product news.

“We have developed a product that is genuinely new and exciting for the category, and we look forward to working with retailers to drive incremental profits from their water fixture in 2018,” added Troy.

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