Tic Tac is looking to inject extra fun into the sugar confectionery category, by bringing back its Minions-themed product following a successful launch last year.

Printing technology will be used to make every pill will resemble a Minions character in shape and colour, and the return of Tic Tac Minions will be supported with social activation, alongside a strong in-store presence.

The Banana-flavoured Tic Tacs will feature Minions-themed packaging in 18g, 49g and 98g formats.

Retailer Sunder Sander, of One Stop in Leamington, commented: “I was lucky enough to be one of the first retailers to stock Tic Tac Minions last year and they were the talk of the town. They flew off the shelves and I’d go as far as saying they were the best product I stocked last year – so much fun. Can’t wait to see them back again and I’m sure that my customers will feel the same.”

Levi Boorer, customer development director at Ferrero, said: “We know that consumers have a real affinity for both Tic Tac and the Minions franchise so it made complete sense to bring them back, bigger and better than before. New products are still the lifeblood in confectionery as we’ve seen by the positive response to the recently launched flavour-changing Tic Tac Mixers.

“It’s great to be able to show the more humorous side of the Tic Tac brand whilst still being able to offer retailers a way to drive additional sugar confectionery sales.”

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