Trebor has launched its Softmints in a pot format, with the 100g pots available in peppermint and spearmint Softmint variants.

The new pot has been created to allow consumers to easily enjoy the mints on-the-go, making it ideal for desktops at work, in a bag for the daily commute or in the car for long journeys.

Oliver Wilcox, brand manager on Trebor, commented: “Trebor Softmints pots will see the UK’s number one mint brand enter into a format that is growing quickly in the market.

“Trebor Softmints are the number three and four best selling mint singles so we know that consumers love the product and are confident that they will trade up to the pot to enjoy them in more places and in more occasions.

“The pot format is in double digit growth, which offers a huge opportunity for both the category and retailers. Both variants are highly incremental to one another, with only 11% overlap between peppermint and spearmint, so retailers should stock up on both to ensure they can offer choice for their customers.”