Juice brand Tropicana is introducing its first juice flavour campaign.

With three new limited edition flavours, Tropicana is giving its customers the chance to vote for their favourite, which will then become a permanent part of the range.

The new range is available in a 950ml size in the following flavours (RSP: £2.49): Mango, Kiwi & Passionfruit; Apple, Rhubarb & Raspberry; and Pear, Apple & Lychee.

Tropicana will be offering consumers the chance to vote between the three new flavours through an on-pack promotion which invites consumers to vote for their favourite flavour on Facebook. Each flavour will have its own Facebook reaction and shoppers can simply choose a reaction to vote.

Caroline Wilding, marketing manager for juices at PepsiCo UK, commented: “With the success of previous Walkers flavour campaigns, we wanted to re-create this excitement and bring some innovation to the chilled fruit juice category. With three limited edition varieties to choose from, we have created delicious, distinctive blends which bring an entirely new flavour offering to the category.”

The campaign will be supported through a combination of digital advertising, featuring Little Glass, and the Facebook voting mechanic. The campaign will extend into March 2018 and the winning flavour will be announced via Facebook in April 2018.