A new ‘I See Vimto in You’ campaign is aiming to reposition the soft drinks brand with its target audience of 15-19 year olds.

The advert is designed to taps into the teen desire to be themselves in a world of constraints, and its anti-advertising approach even suggests viewers should close their eyes rather than watch the advert.

Head of marketing, Emma Hunt, said: “The approach is refreshingly different, just like Vimto. We want the ‘I See Vimto in You’ campaign to be a celebration of individuality and catalyst for fun, encouraging teens to be themselves and take enjoyment from the everyday – like they do when they drink Vimto.”

The campaign is launching on the June 4 and will run throughout summer.

Hunt added: “We’ve seen great success with the Vimto brand growing consecutively for the past 10 years, and remain ambitious for the future. Our new disruptive campaign looks set to break new ground having never been done before, which is certain to make an impact and drive sales.

“The Vimtoad, who has starred in our campaigns over the past four years, has successfully helped us to deliver the message that Vimto is a multi-fruit soft drink. Under his watch, we’ve seen Vimto rise to its highest levels of brand awareness, but now it’s time to appeal to our core target audience in an innovative and contemporary way.”

‘I see Vimto in You’ is supported by a £3m national multi-media campaign, which will reach more than three million teens across the country. The Vimto brand will be back on TV, with the launch spot appearing in Love Island on the 4 June. It will also break new ground with its personalised advertising across cinema and VOD, as well as experiential sampling, social influencer programme, a Snapchat lens and partnership with Unilad.