FT Quavers

Walkers’ snack brand Quavers is bringing back two flavours to its line-up – Prawn Cocktail and Salt & Vinegar.

“Consumers were crying out for us to bring them back via formal petitions and social media pleas,” explained Will Robinson, portfolio lead for Walkers Snacks at PepsiCo.

“They originally launched in the 90s and we’re really excited to announce that both flavours will be available again across all channels – alongside the flagship cheese flavour.

“Quavers is a huge family favourite, however for a long time has only been available in cheese flavour. Yet, 95% of shoppers in this segment buy more than one flavour each year, and 56% buy six or more, so we know that ‘flavour choice’ is important to shoppers. These returning flavours are sure to capture the attention of the nation.

“Our focus for 2021 is to bring fun back. Walkers is known for humour and, more than ever, people need some relief, particularly against the backdrop of 2020.

“If it doesn’t create smiles, it’s not a Walkers campaign. It has to bring joy to the nation and get everyone talking, while creating a long-lasting connection with our brand. This is epitomised with the inclusion of Quavers on Channel 4’s Snackmasters in December, where chefs were challenged to re-create the iconic delicate snack.”

Both variants will be available in grab-bag, £1 RRP price-marked-pack, sharing and multipack formats and Walkers will be supporting the launch with a multi-touchpoint marketing campaign kicking off from 15th January and running until the end of March including in-store shopper marketing, digital and TV.