Red Bull is tapping into consumer demand for organically certified food and drink products with the launch of Organics by Red Bull, a collection of four flavoured soft beverages that are free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and additives.

The company says the new range offers consumers more choice to cover more consumption occasions. Designed with refreshment in mind, there are four flavours: Simply Cola (Strong and Natural); Bitter Lemon (Fresh and Natural); Ginger Ale (Spicy and Natural); and Tonic Water (Dry and Natural).

Each variant includes a distinct flavour profile thanks to the 100% natural ingredients. Simply Cola, for example, has a distinctive taste which comes from kola nut extract. With 32mg of caffeine, it is the only product in the range to include caffeine, at a similar level to other cola beverages.

Designed to appeal to Red Bull lovers, as well as shoppers who love the brand but don’t consume energy drinks, Organics come in Red Bull’s best-selling 250ml can. Rrp is £1.29. Using the strapline ’Real Natural Talents’, the can takes on a completely separate look and feel to the Red Bull energy drink, complete with organically certified ’Euro-leaf’ logo.

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