Leading energy drink brand Red Bull is bringing a new taste to the market with its reformulated Red Bull Zero.

The new Red Bull Zero formula is described as delivering a similar taste to the classic Red Bull Energy Drink but no sugars, giving consumers the choice to enjoy a zero-sugar product with a different taste than Red Bull Sugarfree, but the same ’wiiings’.

A spokesman for the company said: "Demonstrating its understanding of consumer needs and attitudes, the reformulated Red Bull Zero offers shoppers more choice for those moments where they’d rather have less sugar. Alongside diet offerings experiencing growth, Zero variants are growing +20.7% displaying growing demand for zero-calorie options.

"For over 10 years, energy drinks have driven category growth, (by +150% in 2019 vs 2005) and Red Bull Zero will further contribute to this growth by offering new and existing consumers more ways to consume their energy."

The reformulated Red Bull Zero is set to appeal to a wider customer demographic than before.