FT - Ribena Sparkling 330ML single can - Blackcurrant PMP

Ribena is launching a new 330ml single can in two flavours, Ribena Sparkling Blackcurrant and Ribena Sparkling Raspberry this month.

The new Ribena Sparkling single-can format expands the portfolio from the existing three formats, 500ml, 2L and multipack cans, to ensure the range can meet all in- and out-of-home occasions.

Ribena Sparkling has added over £1.4m to the flavoured carbonates category since its September launch, according to Charlotte Flook, head of brand, Ribena, at Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I.

“Flavoured carbonates are experiencing growth of 4.2% and 330ml cans are growing at 7.3%. Even though we knew Ribena Sparkling was going to be loved by shoppers, the new range has exceeded our expectations. Combining Ribena Sparkling’s performance and the opportunity that exists within single cans, it made sense to bring out Ribena Sparkling in this format,” she said.

“There’s less than 4% cross-shopping between PET and cans so this launch will really help retailers see more sparkling sales from different shoppers choosing the Ribena range,” adds Flook.

Designed to sit alongside retailers’ flavoured carbonates range in the chiller - separately from Ribena’s core juice drinks - Ribena Sparkling is aimed at shoppers looking for new flavoured fizzy drink options.

“We know high-impact advertising is critical in helping our retail partners drive sales. Ribena Sparkling, like the rest of our Ribena range, will benefit from best-in-class marketing activity in 2021,” says Flook.

The new Ribena Sparkling Blackcurrant single can format joins the 500ml and 2l formats in being available in both price-marked and standard packs. Ribena Sparkling Raspberry 330ml single can is available in PMP.