Leading tortilla chip brand Doritos is taking its much-loved triangular snack to new heights with the launch of new Doritos Stax, marking the brand’s biggest ever launch and its first foray into the cannister snacks segment.

Packaged in a recyclable triangular tube and launching this month, the new take on the popular tortilla chip, which comes in three new flavour variants, will bring some much-needed excitement to the cannister snacks segment and give shoppers the chance to try something a little less ordinary, according to Clafoutie Sintive, marketing director on Sharing Snacks.

“This marks a landmark diversification for the Doritos brand," said Sintive. "Historically, cannister snacks is a segment that is shopped by the over 45s, but we want to extend that by targeting a younger audience. We know that Doritos appeals to generation Z, a generation that notoriously looks for brands that challenge the status quo, so we’re confident that the launch of Doritos Stax, coupled with our bold flavour choices and the innovative packaging, will bring younger shoppers to this segment.”

Available from late April, Dortios Stax come in four new flavours: Ultimate Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion, and Mexican Chilli Salsa. While retaining the distinctive Doritos shape,  Stax have been optimised to fit their unique packaging, which takes design cues from the triangular snack. With its stand-out triangular design, the tube is resealable and recyclable.

Sintive said: “In the world we live in, sustainability is critical and we, as brands, have a part to play. Consumers now expect brands to have high-sustainability credentials and will often make buying choices based around them - a movement largely led by Gen-Zs. Sixty five per cent of that group say that eco-friendly packaging is important to them, which is why we’ve come up with packaging which is recyclable - something that we’re immensely proud of.”

The launch will be supported with a TV ad that documents the rise to stardom of a young musician rewarded for making a bold choice that changed his life forever, explained Sintive. In addition to the TV campaign, Cafoutie said the launch will benefit from a playful OOH and digital advertising campaign, as well as influencer partnerships that will see Doritos Stax at the centre of challenges on social media. The wide-ranging media campaign will reach over 50 million adults, 15 million of which are Gen-z, Doritos target audience.