Earlier in the year, I read that Red Bull was going to be launched in three new flavours. As it’s such an important product for forecourt stores, I’ve been keeping an eye on the story. Indeed, recently I contacted Red Bull to find out what was happening but was told ’there is no news on flavours yet’.

However, I’ve just got back from Spain where I spied Red Bull in three flavours each in a different coloured can. They were called The Red Edition, The Silver Edition and The Blue Edition and their designs were very distinctive on shelf.

For the purposes of research, I bought one of each and Mr West and I tried them all.

Now Mr West drinks a lot of Red Bull. I would say he was a ’fan’ but if you asked him he’d say he could take it or leave it (enthusiasm is not his middle name!). But I know he likes it because he often sneaks it onto the shopping list that I leave in the kitchen, in the hope I will buy him some.

Of course, having been purchased in Spain, the flavours and ingredients on the ’Editions’ were all in Spanish so we had a bit of a guessing game. The Silver Edition was easy as it had ’lima’ on the can, which we guessed correctly to be lime.

The Blue Edition was a bit more demanding as it stated ’arandano’ on the can and neither of us had a clue what that was. Having tasted it, Mr West thought it was cherry but I thought it was grape because although I love cherries, I don’t like cherry flavoured things. Anyway we both agreed we liked it. I put the flavour name into Google Translator and it revealed that it was cranberry and, as soon as he heard that, Mr West did not like it as much! The Red Edition was ’frutos rojos’ or red fruits. This was my least favourite but Mr West liked it best. To be honest, I preferred all the ’Editions’ to the usual Red Bull and would drink more of it, if and when they are ever available here. It’s definitely something to look out for.

Onto chocolate, and one product that I can’t wait to get my hands on is Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) mint Bubbly. Apparently this has a ’thin layer of refreshing mint creme on top of aerated bubbly milk chocolate’.

Brand owner Kraft Foods says its share of tablet chocolate sales has risen by 3.2% thanks to CDM Bubbly so this new mint variety is definitely one to stock.