Vittel natural mineral water will be relaunched in April following a major brand overhaul. The new look aims to improve visibility and brand recognition, while increasing appeal to young, urban and active consumers.

Central to the redesign is a new sleek and stylish bottle shape, with a new logo and look for the ’ReVittelise’ strapline. A bold red colour is used across the product range, from bottle caps to labels, to give impact and differentiate the brand from competitors.

The new bottle shapes have been moulded to make them more curvy and textural detailing has been added, making them easier to hold and giving more impact on-shelf. The 75cl sports cap bottle, also has textured hand grips, while the cap itself has been designed to make it even easier to drink on the go.

The redesign extends to Vittel’s lemon and raspberry flavoured waters and to multipacks.

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