Sausage roll brand Wall’s Pastry has developed its first vegan snacking range, by introducing plant-based meat replacements Hooba and jackfruit.

Wall’s Pastry claims to be the first manufacturer to develop a vegan snacking range with Hooba, an innovative vegan mince made with the stalks of oyster mushrooms.

The Vegan Jumbo Roll is made with Hooba, oats and Wall’s Pastry’s seasoning mix, giving it the distinctive taste of the brand’s sausage roll recipes.

Founded by entrepreneur and pioneering food development enthusiasts Jay Croslegh and John Shepherd in 2016, Myco Foods was set up to make a vegan mince as a direct replacement for pork. Its research and development team carefully created a product using the root ball of oyster mushrooms, which is a by-product of the growing process.

Jay Croslegh, co-founder at Myco Foods, said: “We are incredibly proud to have worked with Wall’s Pastry to help develop its first vegan product. The oyster mushroom stalks are naturally quite bitter with a tough texture, but after a carefully timed process, using controlled temperatures, the flavour is neutralised and the texture changes to a meat-like consistency.

“Hooba was developed to meet the huge demand for plant-based proteins, but it has a better, meatier texture than the frequently used pea protein and doesn’t use soy, which reduces the allergen risks for manufacturers.”

Rebecca Bolt, head of innovation at Addo Food Group, said: “We’re incredibly excited to be the first brand to introduce Hooba to our product range. Our team of chefs has spent several years developing these recipes to emulate the nation’s beloved sausage roll experience. Biting into crisp, flaky pastry and hot, peppery sausage meat is a treat which is no longer exclusive to meat eaters. Our vegan and flexitarian customers can also now enjoy a product which has the same textures and flavour profiles.”

The vegan range also includes a sausage roll made with jackfruit, a potassium-rich, fibrous fruit with a pulled pork-like texture, which absorbs the flavours of a hickory smoked BBQ sauce in a jumbo roll.

Rebecca added: “When it comes to tasty vegan food, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice great taste. We know how much consumers love BBQ pulled pork and jackfruit’s meaty texture is perfect to pair with its delicious flavours in our BBQ Jackfruit Rolls.

“Using oyster mushrooms and jackfruit in our vegan rolls is a great way for us to boost nutrition to on-the-go snacking.”