After a rather flood-ridden start, progress has continued steadily at the new leading-edge forecourt being built by the Chartman Group, the Exeter-based Top 50 Indie, which has nine sites. The company received planning approval for the redevelopment of its iconic Winning Post location near Exeter last year, and all was set for the start of the year, but the weather had other ideas. Work finally began in mid January. Director Clive Chartman describes the project as a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity", and says the intention is to build a flagship site for Chartman which will provide a legacy for the company, and a landmark on the A38 route into Devon and Cornwall. The weekly reports are provided by John Carp, site manager of Williams Southern Ltd.

Week 9 (ending 28/3/14)

The site has progressed well this week. The canopy deck is complete to the first stage and ready to accept the solar panel installation. Fuel pipework is well under way but will take two or three days longer than expected. The sales building has been made ready for the cladding installation.

Week 10 (ending 4/4/14)

The site has progressed well again this week. Fuel pipework has been completed and tested, together with the tank chambers. Shingle surround and raising of levels is under way. Shop fit-out is progressing well with wall and floor tiling, carpentry, electrics and completion of back-of-house ceilings due next week. The swale is still waterlogged no further work done.

Week 11 (ending 11/4/14)

Good progress is now being made to the project. The week’s extension to the programme has now been added and the projected opening date is now May 9. The forecourt is being constructed with kerbing, Acos, final drainage and concrete bays being installed in the coming week. The Spar fit-out will start on April 14 as planned, with the back of house continuing. Results from the soil sampling have been received and we are still waiting for additional information from J Grimes as requested by the disposal site. The swale is still waterlogged and no further work has been carried out.

Week 12 (ending 17/4/14)

Positive progress continues to be made, and we are now getting ready for finishes to the forecourt. Concrete to the fuelling areas has been completed and the shop fit-out is progressing well. In the coming week the forecourt kerbing will continue and the area made ready for asphalt surfacing. We will be returning our attention to the forecourt and will not be carrying on with the drainage or construction of the HGV exit road. This will continue once the forecourt is being surfaced. Shop fit-out is progressing well. Re-testing of the contaminated soil is due to be carried out shortly so disposal can take place. No further works to the swale have taken place.