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A first for Cobham Services on the M25 took place last weekend (June 29) as it became the venue for a happy couple holding the wedding reception ‘of their dreams’ in an unconventional but unforgettable setting.

Stacey and her partner celebrated their union at their favourite venue surrounded by 42 delighted guests.

Stacey’s wedding to her long-term partner at the busy motorway services was the fulfilment of her childhood dream. She had always wanted to have a ’fast-food wedding’ and had told her wedding organiser, her Grannie Dawn, that Cobham would be the perfect place for her special day.

Staff at Extra MSA, which operates Cobham services, were more than happy to help. Dawn said: “The very nice lady on the phone was quite surprised by our request, but within a day of making the enquiry, I’d had an email back from the general manager to say they’d be delighted to host us. They cordoned off a designated area and set up tables and chairs to suit our seating plan and guest numbers, and even arranged coach parking for the vintage bus we’d hired as transportation.” 

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Stacey, who comes from Surrey, said of her wedding venue choice: “Back from when I was a child I’d always dreamed of wearing a pink princess dress and having my wedding reception in a fast food outlet. I’ve repeatedly stated that fact, but even just two days before my wedding, my siblings couldn’t believe I was choosing to have it in a motorway service station – but it’s what I’d always wanted!

“I still cannot believe that I managed to have my wedding reception at a motorway service station, so a massive thank you to everyone at Extra for helping a little girl’s dream to come true.”

Dawn added: “Several families at the services said to us what a great idea it was to host a wedding reception at a motorway service station, so who knows, maybe we’ve started a trend!”

Tom Dobson, CEO at Extra MSA, said: “A huge congratulations to Stacey and her partner. It was a pleasure to welcome them to Cobham, and to play our part in their big day. While we’ve never had the privilege of hosting a wedding at one of our Motorway Services Areas before, we always try to go the ‘Extra mile’ for our customers – and we’re thrilled that we could make this unique celebration a reality.”

He said Cobham Services had received a lot of love for the wide range of eateries that it houses, having been the subject of a viral tweet dubbing it “the GOAT” of service stations.

To help Stacey and her partner get married life off to a flying start, Extra MSA has gifted them £300 worth of vouchers to be redeemed in some of its most loved food and drink outlets.

Wedding Cobham Services 20240629_173307

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