Britvic’s new category vision Drink Differently reveals a £2.6bn soft drinks sales opportunity over the next five years. The company believes this sales growth can be achieved by "adapting to the evolving consumer landscape and ensuring soft drinks remain relevant to all consumers and all occasions, across all channels".

Britvic’s research has identified five drivers for growth. These are:

Created for kids create tasty, healthy and exciting soft drinks which are loved by kids and trusted by parents.

Especially for adults motivate more adults to choose soft drinks, becoming their preferred choice on more occasions. Categories here could include ’healthy heroes’ and ’energy for life’.

Inspired lifestyle choices nudge the nation towards positive drinks’ choices, every day. These means offering taste without compromise.

Elevated food moments elevate every food moment with the perfect soft drink partnerships.

Sensational social experiences redefining the possibilities for soft drinks.