European Wash Systems has installed an innovative rack-mounted jet wash for independent retailers Ken and Rekha Popat at Barking Service Station in Essex.

The rack-mounted unit houses pumps, dosing equipment, water heater, programming units and water header tank all within the plant room, keeping the wash bay simple with just a pay station. It also has a 160º rotating boom that can extend to allow for washing of vans as well as cars.

The installation at the newly-refurbished forecourt on the A13 operates with tokens purchased from the kiosk but the EWS system can be supplied to accept coins, Codax or cards.

The Popats’ buy-time system has four time slots three-, six-, nine- and 12-minute pre-programmed options.

It has a large LCD display counting down and an audible alarm when time is running out. Wash options are wheel wash, hot shampoo, foam brush, high-pressure rinse, and wax.

Tim Munt, manager director at EWS, said: "The pay station itself is very small compared to a standard jet wash. At Barking they are using an existing car wash bay, which is narrower than a jet wash bay. This means the user has far more room to use the jet wash and it is not too tight to wash both sides.

"Also in the bay are the lance and brush both on separate booms and with their own holders."

Rekha Popat said they chose the system for its versatility and tidiness.

"It’s a small wash system so there’s no mess outside," she said.

"A normal jet wash has a single lance and boom but ours is rotating and higher up so it can wash vans as well as cars."

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