Forecourt operators could save money by putting an end to unnecessary waste management visits following the launch of the Separator Inspector, a manual device used to measure the build-up of oil and silt in a separator.

From Aquasentry, manufacturers of oil pollution prevention systems, the Separator Inspector works by measuring the level of light liquid in the separator and the build- up of silt.

To measure the level of light liquid the lead plug is lowered into the separator to a level marked on the device and the sampler tube is then lowered into the separator. The operator then pulls the device back up to see the level of light liquid in the separator through the transparent sampler tube.

To measure the build-up of silt the plug is lowered fully to the bottom of the separator after the separator has been emptied and the guide marker is put into position with the top of the separator.

Peter Docherty, managing director of Aquasentry, who researched and developed the patented design, said: “We recognised that there were thousands of owners of existing separators that need a cost-effective method of checking the build-up of oil and silt to conform to Environment Agency Guidelines. The device will more than pay for itself by preventing just one unnecessary waste management visit.”

The device helps compliance with European standards and current licence conditions, which state that separators must be inspected at least every six months. It also saves money by giving the user an indication of how much oil is building up in a separator so they can have it emptied only when it is required.

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