Euro Garages has rolled out 280 Datalogic Heron bar code scanners across the Esso sites it has acquired since 2012.

Following the acquisitions Euro Garages needed a bar code scanning solution at the point-of-sale that would integrate seamlessly with its Verifone chip and pin system. “We looked at a number of options before choosing the Datalogic device,” commented Guy Bickerstaffe, regional manager at Euro Garages. “The Heron bar code scanner, which was the only device that was compatible with our Verifone chip and pin system, enables us to scan a customer’s loyalty card to award Tesco’s Clubcard points.”

The Heron linear imager comes with an autosensing stand that allows for easy transition between handheld and presentation modes, and has Datalogic’s ‘Green Spot’ technology, providing users with visual confirmation of a good bar code scan. It was rolled out to the Euro Garages sites via Datalogic partner OpalTec.

“The Datalogic device offered the functionality we needed in a durable unit that would cope with everyday knocks and bumps that are typical of any point-of-sale area,” said Bickerstaffe. Once Euro Garages had identified the unit that best fitted its requirements, OpalTec worked with the Datalogic technical team to find software that would connect the scanner to the chip and pin device. OpalTec configured each of the 280 units ensuring they were ready to use straight out of box.

“OpalTec and Datalogic worked hard and fast to ensure that we had a reliable working solution in the quickest time possible. All of the Datalogic Heron scanners are now successfully in place and helping us transact efficiently across all our Esso sites in the UK,” concluded Bickerstaffe.

Mike Doyle, regional director UK and Ireland for Datalogic, said: “Datalogic’s range of scanners are carefully developed to provide bar code scanning solutions that are able to integrate with a vast range of point-of-sale technologies. We are pleased that this first roll-out of Heron HD3130 scanners with OpalTec provides the perfect solution to meet Euro Garages’ needs.”

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