New technology developed by PSD Codax to monitor the operation of jet wash equipment is being launched at Asda sites nationwide following a deal with Kärcher Vehicle Wash.

The Codax Forecourt Monitor alerts Kärcher maintenance staff instantly if there are problems with car wash equipment or unusual periods of inactivity so that issues can be remedied quickly and revenues restored.

The system is being used to monitor maintenance and usage, including cash takings, machine faults, shampoo and wax levels and even sudden temperature drops.

Maintenance staff can be alerted by text or email when problems arise, while managers in head office can monitor performance data through a secure web portal. They can, for example, see takings on individual machines and check that maintenance tasks have been carried out.

Graham Round, managing director of PSD Codax, said: "We are delighted to be working closely with Kärcher UK to launch this exciting new system nationwide.

"All too often we see automatic car wash machines closed unnecessarily because operators are unaware of problems with equipment. This only benefits the hand car wash operators who are springing up across the country.

"The Codax Forecourt Monitor will change all that and enable Kärcher to maximise the profitability of its car wash equipment across Asda’s UK sites."

Peter Spencer, managing director of Kärcher Vehicle Wash, said: "The Codax Forecourt Monitor has revolutionised the method of data reporting from our shared revenue wash fleet.

"It enables real-time analysis of revenue and highlights issues before they become problems."

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