A Jet dealer has reduced energy consumption on his forecourt by 60% after replacing all the conventional outdoor lighting with low-energy LED bulbs. Subi Vadher has run Mayfield Service in Goodmayes, Essex, for over 27 years and joined the Jet network around 22 years ago.

Mayfield was the first Jet site in England to have the new yellow LED fascia illumination installed as part of a Jet trial to test the impact of the lighting in both rural and urban sites. Jet reports that the results of the trial were very positive and, as a result, it has since installed the new fascia lighting at 85 sites and included it as part of its updated branding package.

Mayfield also had LED under-canopy replacement bulbs fitted as these were a low- cost and low-energy solution. The existing canopy lighting was installed around 15 years ago and needed to be replaced. The existing 250-watt conventional lightbulbs were removed and the new 100-watt LED bulbs were fitted into the existing fittings with a minor alteration.

The contractor used by Jet was Astley, and Subi said they did a great job.

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