Leighton O’Brien has promoted Greg Salverson to the newly appointed position of president, wetstock international.

Formerly international business development manager, Salverson will be responsible for continuing to grow the company’s global wetstock operations, establish and activate licensed software partners, grow client relationships, and help drive product enhancements.

Commenting on the appointment, Leighton O’Brien CEO Reed Leighton said: “We wanted to enhance the strategic voice of the client in our international business. Greg has an intimate understanding of customer requirements, and, combined with his strategic, analytical and sales skills, he is the ideal executive to drive the very significant market opportunities for our wetstock business.”

Salverson said he was excited to work with a strong leadership team to further accelerate the company’s global wetstock operations, and change the paradigm of how retailers manage their maintenance and retail operations.

“Leighton O’Brien’s unique standing as the only independent and certified global wetstock solution provider allows us to innovate faster for our clients. We understand leak detection from both software with Wetstock Live and engineering with the fastest and most accurate precision integrity test.

“What I’m most excited about is changing the current industry paradigm to a much stronger data driven approach, which can potentially save fuel retailers significant maintenance spend.

“Traditional routine maintenance activities can be eliminated, or at least substantially reduced, when real time data and analytics is used,” he said. “Field activities like laser calibration of tanks, routine calibration checking of dispensers, and periodic replacement of filters is a scatter-gun approach that wastes money in the absence of real time data and analytics for optimum decision making.

“The next few years will create incredible opportunities for Leighton O’Brien to add tangible value to both existing and new clients.”

“This appointment is the first in a series of new positions to increase the strategic and operational bandwidth of the company to capitalise on our next growth chapter,” Reed Leighton added.