The newest addition to Malibu’s line of soft ice cream machines is aimed at customers new to serving soft ice cream, and those who are not expecting a huge sales volume but still want to attract new customers and make money from a fresh offering.

The CT121 has the smallest footprint of any soft ice cream machine that Malibu has supplied with a width of just 30cm. It is also the first to feature top venting, meaning it can be built-in or placed directly beside another appliance (where previously a gap of up to 20cm was required on either side). As the machine is self-pasteurising it only needs to be cleaned once every 30 days as opposed to every three days in regular machines.

As well as reducing cleaning time (and thus labour costs), this also results in a reduction in waste as the machine must be emptied every time it is cleaned. For small businesses this is a significant reduction in the cost of ownership, according to Malibu, and keeps the machine profitable even when sales volumes are more conservative.

Spar store owner Gordon Potts has a machine in his store in Dudley and commented: “We’re delighted with the machine, it’s going brilliantly! What sold it for me was the self-pasteurising feature. I had looked at cleaning videos online and was put off by how often we’d have to do it and then I saw this machine- we can clean it in 25-30 minutes, and it only needs doing every 30 days.”

The CT121 Is arguably one of the easiest soft ice cream machines to operate and maintain as it uses a standard 13 amp plug; cleaning frequency is reduced by 90% compared to standard models; and the advanced controls offer an easy user experience whilst also providing significantly enhanced functionality and monitoring capabilities: including a portion counter.

“At Malibu we’re keen to regularly adjust our operation in response to customer feedback. Something that kept coming up was café and small shop owners wanting to serve soft ice cream but worrying that they wouldn’t have enough demand to make having a large machine worthwhile.

“This new model significantly reduces the space commitment and the cost of ownership to make the machines more accessible and more profitable for smaller businesses. If the sales volume is higher than anticipated or demand increases, we’re happy to offer an upgrade to more powerful models.”

Malibu Corporation is based in Trafford Park, Manchester and has been supplying ice cream machines and other commercial catering equipment to the UK for more than 30 years.

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