The Premier Group has been contracted by the Motor Fuel Group (MFG) to provide pump maintenance services across the MFG service station estate.

Like other independent fuel retailers, MFG has a diverse range of pumps of various makes, models and ages, which presents a unique set of challenges to both the retailer and any prospective pump maintenance provider.

However, following an extensive selection process, The Premier Group was chosen for its pump maintenance service due to its business model that is able to overcome these specific challenges. The Premier Group combines a service station construction business with a pump maintenance business, covering all service aspects required by independent fuel retailers.

Andrew Edwards, MFG’s group infrastructure director, said: "Strategically, The Premier Group is the right fit for the MFG business as it has a proposition clearly differentiated to meet the needs of independent fuel retailers. It has the parts available to fix the broad range of pumps found on the expanded MFG service station estate, which means we can continuously function at the optimum level."

Having parts available for next day delivery was another big influence on the decision.

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