Motor Fuels Group (MFG), the second-placed company in Forecourt Trader’s Top 50 Indies, has committed to Fairbanks fuel management service for another three years. MFG, which operates 373 company sites, has opted for the premium service level which includes:

Full data analysis by the Fairbanks team;

Night-time loss alerts;

Remote alarm management;

Annual pump measure checks;

DSEAR risk assessment; and

Hazardous zone drawings.

The data is collected in real time from the fuel pumps and tanks via Fairbanks’ ibank technology a compact hardware device installed in the forecourt back office. This information is then hosted on the Fairbanks cloud before intense scrutiny by a team of experienced analysts. Any anomalies or concerns are swiftly reported to the MFG forecourt managers.

MFG managing director, Jeremy Clarke, said: "We are committed to growing our already very successful forecourt business of which Fairbanks is now, and will continue to be, an integral part."

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