Eco To Go Food Packs has developed a disposable and recyclable cardboard face visor, the Eco Staysafe Shield, designed as a defensive aid in situations where increased protection or infection control measures are required.

The company says the face shield is based on existing designs, but overcomes the necessity of a sponge forehead spacer with a simple cardboard interlocking strap. The company’s existing ‘window patching’ machines enable it to place an anti-mist thin plastic film to the die-cut cardboard frame of the shield.

“The Eco Staysafe Shield is a helpful solution to the current PPE shortages and doesn’t necessitate too much modification to our existing factory processes,” explains Chris Goodayle, the company’s director of operations. "We believe the shield is ideal for those working in the care industry, catering, retail, hairdressing and other professions involving regular face-to-face customer contact.”

The disposable face shield is adjustable to accommodate most head sizes. It also features a two-position forehead band to allow additional room for eyewear. The frame is made from solid biodegradable cardboard while the visor window is of an anti-mist-treated recyclable polyester material. For environmentally friendly disposal, the film window needs to be removed from the cardboard frame and recycled separately.

Whilet there is no guarantee that this face shield will stop the wearer from catching or spreading viruses, the company says when used in conjunction with social distancing practices it does provide a practical and economical additional layer of protection that may assist in infection prevention.

Eco To Go will be donating a percentage of profits from the sales of Eco Staysafe Shields to the local NHS charity.