New EV charge point protectors from Brandsafe 5

New electric vehicle (EV) charging point solutions to provide protection of installations have been introduced by visual communications specialist Beaverswood.

The Beaverswood range features protection for EV charge point installations such as impact resistant bollards, wheel stops and Armco barriers.

Impact protection posts are available in 600mm, 800mm or 1000mm height options and different colour options are available to provide safety and visibility for vehicle drivers when they are either reversing towards or pulling up to a charge point.

In heavy-duty applications, where there is a higher risk of impact damage, heavy-duty bollards are available in 1000mm, 1300mm or 1600mm height options. They are highly reflective and feature shock absorbing rubber buffers to deflect the force of impact away from critical areas.

Vehicle traffic routing Armco safety barriers vehicle wheel stops are also available.