Orbis Tech, the pos and back office solutions provider, has partnered a US company Cybera to enhance security and simplify solutions for retailers at remote locations.

“Our businesses are aligned in providing secure, simplified solutions in what is an increasingly complex environment,” said Orbis Tech CEO, Jorundur Jorundsson.

“The fully integrated, open platform provided by Orbis POS, BOS [back office solution] and HOS [head office solution] is most effective when protected within the Cybera secure SD-WAN environment.

“Our ongoing collaboration on a number of significant projects in Asia, Europe and the Americas has driven the desire to formalise this into a partnership.”

“Retail businesses have sophisticated technology requirements that must scale to hundreds or even thousands of business locations with small footprints and little to no on-site IT staff,” added Cybera CEO Andrew Lev.

“Delivering secure, simplified solutions to these environments is critical. Working with Orbis Tech, we are able to provide a payments solution that empowers customers around the world and a platform for enabling new applications and services into the future.”

Orbis Tech provides point of sale, back office and head office solutions for the petroleum, retail and hospitality sectors.