As the country begins to return to work, Review Display Systems (RDS) has launched a new access management station which offers a safe and efficient control solution for personnel checking in to a work environment.

The new RDS check-in station has been designed to protect the working environment during the present time of increased safety concerns, as employees return to work. It comes complete with a safety body temperature measurement check, optional facial recognition (that also works when employees are wearing face masks), and a kiosk version which comes with an optional hand sanitiser.

“This is a much-needed project from RDS given the current situation with Covid-19,” said Ayrton Harper, project manager, RDS. “The station can aid employee safety as they return to work, providing a peace of mind which is so greatly needed during this time of uncertainty. The station ensures employees can check their temperature completely contact-free and it can even come with its own hand sanitiser. It also utilises cutting-edge facial recognition technology that works even while wearing face masks.”

The station comes as a complete system comprising an 8-inch display screen with body temperature measurement and face recognition built in. It is supplied with a choice of Rockchip RK3288/RK3399/Qualcomm MSM8953 high performance hardware platforms. It is equipped with an industrial-grade wide dynamic binocular camera and face biometric recognition technology including infrared thermal imaging. It supports a 30,000 face database with a 1:1 comparison recognition rate over 99.7% giving accurate face recognition even when wearing a face mask.

The units can be wall, desk or kiosk mounted in office receptions, or anywhere access control is required.

It is also waterproof and dustproof. Human body temperature detection is supported through the IR temperature sensor from one meter and has an automatic alarm for abnormal body temperature. Additionally, it supports ID card readers, fingerprint scanners, IC card readers and QR code readers.