The Energy Institute (EI) has updated its guidance for the petroleum industry on dealing with the hazard of static electricity.

The third edition of ’Model Code of Safe Practice Part 21: Guidelines for the Control of Hazards Arising from Static Electricity’ provides guidance on identifying and assessing a range of static electricity-related hazards, and how to control static electricity risks. Specifically, Part 21 provides new and revised guidance on subjects including: how to use the guidelines in the context of a risk assessment; the influence of bio-components in fuels; earthing and bonding requirements for filling stations and aircraft fuelling; selection of personal protective equipment; filling of intermediate bulk containers; the use of plastics for underground piping at filling stations and fuelling with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas; tank cleaning and meter proving.

The EI has also launched a second edition of the DVD, Controlling the Risk of Static Electricity, to be used as a training tool by safety managers.

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