Tchibo Coffee Service is currently trialling a water refill station at Parkfoot Filling Station, West Malling, on its Smokin’ Bean coffee destination.

The trial has developed from Tchibo’s aim to cut single-use plastic usage, which has seen it promoting the use of KeepCups for coffee.

A trend has developed with more customers carrying around a water bottle, which presents a new need to rinse out the bottles and refill them on the go, and this was why Tchibo decided to trial its water refill station.

Tchibo believes installing a water refill station also offers a number of additional benefits too. Having a destination that meets a genuine need and is forward-thinking can drive footfall and encourage repeat business. Good promotion of the destination can generate spontaneous visits, and once customers know that a store offers more than its competitors, there will be return business.

There is also the opportunity to upsell coffee and food to go as the refill station is on the coffee unit. Stocking reusable bottles and reusable coffee cups can also prompt spontaneous purchases.

The convenience for the consumer is also really important, and being able to refill their water while they are travelling is not something that is offered everywhere.

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