Features include:

- Fexible configuration of up to 15 wash programmes, up to eight different chemical products and an innovative payment terminal compatible with all the latest payment methods, called Pay’wash.

- Incorporates variable frequency inverters as standard to achieve a high standard in sustainability, by reducing water consumption by 35%, more than 30% energy and 10% chemicals.

 - Consumes 20% less energy than the previous model thanks to its new control system and software.

 - Designed to offer the best user experience with a more ’comfortable, effective and exciting wash experience’ thanks to its technology and new features.


ISTOBAL J'WASH4_picture2

Istobal, the leading Spanish group in vehicle wash and care solutions, has launched J´WASH4, described as a ’new dimension in pressure jet washing’.

Equipped with the latest technological innovations, the company says it combines maximum reliability, efficiency, sustainability and profitability in an ultra-compact and 100% optimised space.

The new Istobal J’WASH4 - which will be available on the European market this April - is a fully connected device, aimed at achieving greater performance and the best user experience, according to Javier Soto, product manager of car wash centres at Istobal. He said it was ”a new technological concept in manual vehicle washing that puts sustainability and user experience at the centre”.

“The J’WASH4 is the most compact, reliable, sustainable and profitable in its category,” stressed Soto. ”It represents a great evolution towards new standards of quality, satisfaction and optimisation of the business. The future requires optimising resources and at Istobal we are committed to innovation to take care of the planet and continue to maximise the profitability of vehicle wash facilities”.

High technology and reliability for greater performance

Available from two to eight bays in a technical room or container and from two to four bays in a modular cabinet, the J’WASH4 incorporates a flexible configuration of up to 15 wash programmes with up to four different types of water (mains water, hot water, osmosis water and softened water/powder shampoo) for the different phases of the wash programmes.

The new jet wash is also designed to provide greater control of water, chemical and energy consumption. It has high-pressure pumps controlled by frequency inverters, dosage of up to eight different chemical products and exact control of the dosage in accordance with the standards of the main German vehicle manufacturers (VDA), among other features, all in less than 1m 2 of space.

Likewise, thanks to the sensors and the equipment’s connectivity, it offers installation data and remote diagnosis in real time to provide maximum security and to optimise operating costs.

A new standard in sustainability

In its commitment to sustainability to promote a more efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicle wash industry, the company has incorporated variable frequency inverters as standard in the J’WASH4, with the aim of achieving a new sustainability standard in pressure jet wash without affecting the quality of cleaning. As a result, the company claims it saves 35% of water, more than 30% of energy and 10% of chemical product compared to a conventional jet wash without the control of frequency inverters. Likewise, the incorporation of dosing by microvalves, together with the distributor block for chemicals, optimises its consumption. In addition, analogue pressure switches and PID control enable more than 20% energy savings compared to previous models.

The new J’WASH4 also reduces the noise level of the equipment by 7% compared to previous models, contributing to the reduction in noise pollution and has the possibility of an aerothermal hot water boiler that achieves up to 75% energy savings compared to the electric boiler and up to 77% reduction in C02 emissions. The J’WASH4 also features a new underfloor heating design for cold areas and is made with reusable components to reduce carbon footprint.


New PAY’WASH payment terminal

Istobal is also launching PAY’WASH, a new payment terminal designed from scratch with a 4.3-inch color touch screen and full connectivity to respond to the needs of customers and users. 

Its new processing technology allows the integration of the most used payment methods, which allows maximum integration and flexibility, and up to four payment combinations. In this new model, the rate of use of the service is increased by being able to choose between bank cards, mobile payment, cash, and payment with Apps or QR codes, as well as payment for consumption.

The internal climate control of the terminal provides permanent forced ventilation and a thermofan controlled by temperature and humidity to adapt to any climatic condition on the market, which increases its robustness and reliability.

A more comfortable, efficient and exciting wash experience.

With modern aesthetics and greater versatility, J’WASH4 aims to offer end user the best quality of washing and an easy, intuitive and stimulating experience.

It incorporates improvements in the foam programmes with the Canon à Mousse, the Master Foam and the Color Fusion, as well as new, denser and more effective formulations with the chemical product Jet Canon à Mousse. Likewise, it has an intelligent control that prevents pressure shocks in the washing guns, providing smoother starts and stops.

The new payment terminal offers greater payment facilities, introduces payment for consumption and improves communication with the user. With a more intuitive interface and led lighting, it indicates the program in progress with the color of the gun, the remaining time in each wash programme or the remaining or consumed credit.